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I have received over 2 dozen messages similar to this. Allow me to explain.

I appreciate how passionate you are about this topic, because many of us are, including myself. I appreciate your opinion and your reasoning behind it. Maybe I did not outline my stance on abortion properly. For me, IN MY OPINION, I would only choose abortion for myself if going on with the pregnancy would result in a serious health risk for myself. I can tell you that choosing to have an abortion is not an easy choice, because you are killing a life, it’s true. I personally believe that life begins at conception etc., however I also believe that women should have FULL control over their body.

And this whole topic goes hand in hand with other issues like gay marriage etc. Just because you are giving people the right to do something, does not mean that you have to partake in it. If you let two people of the same gender get married, you do not have to marry someone of the same gender, just like if you allow a woman to have control over her body and make her own choices in terms of not carrying on with a pregnancy, DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU MUST HAVE AN ABORTION.

With my body, I am pro-life, unless there are extenuating circumstances, HOWEVER, when it comes to the female population as a whole, I am pro-choice, because I do not believe in hindering the rights of others simply because you disagree.

The choice should be there. It is up to the woman to decide what choice she makes. It is not up to you, or me, or the Senate.

Abortions will happen whether it is legal or not.

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